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Powerpoint Presentations

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Presentations for everyone, introducing Connevans products and explaining some key concepts:


Digital Hearing Aids for Beginners

A simple, "jargon-free" introduction to the world of digital hearing aids.


A Day in the Life of Two Deaf People

A particularly good 'deaf awareness' training tool either to use as a presentation or just to motivate discussion.


Radio Aid Demonstration

A simple but very effective audio demonstration of the improved sound quality that can be achieved when a radio aid (in this case an fmGenie) is connected to a hearing aid.


Connevans and the fmGenie

This presentation, prepared when the fmGenie was first introduced, tells you a bit about how the fmGenie is made and introduces some of the people involved.


Soundfield Summary

Explaining why Soundfield techology is important and introducing the Connevans range of Soundfield products.


IR Swift Summary

Introducing the Connevans IR Swift - groundbreaking use of technology to bring superb quality sound within financial reach of every classroom


Dry and store - Moisture


Dry and store - Moisture, Wax, Bugs and Things!

Two presentations from the American manufacturers of Dry and Store about the problems that moisture can cause in hearing aids and how the germicidal action of Dry and Store results in fewer itchy ears!


Presentations for teachers and other professionals, for use when training/updating colleagues:


Getting Connected

Showing how easy it is to connect an fmGenie or Phonak personal fm system to TVs, computers and other audio sources.


Digital Hearing Aid Interference

Digital hearing aids can sometimes cause interference on personal fm systems - why? - a technical explanation.


FM When and How

An introduction to personal fm systems/radio aids, prepared jointly by Connevans and other members of the UK Children's FM Working Group


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